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Free Poker

If you have never heard of free online poker before, you will be delighted to know that free online poker is a poker tournament that you can participate for free as it doesn’t require a fee for entry. It’s also known as poker “freeroll” at times.

Free poker tournaments or “freerolls” have been one of the best aspects of the competitive environment to bring in people. Poker sites often host free poker competitions to attract new users to open accounts on their websites. This practice has been there since the earliest days of online poker.  A freeroll poker tournament requires no extra cost to enter and gives you a chance to win real money.

Online free poker can come in a wide variety including Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, Stud Poker, Draw Poker, Hi-Lo Poker, Caribbean Poker and many more. You name it, the best free online poker sites have it! And the good news is that the prize offered in free poker is usually quite a large amount.

Do you want to participate in free poker online and create a bankroll without taking any risks? Here’s a brief rundown of the greatest free poker platforms on the web!

Why Play Free Poker Online?

Don’t be fooled by thinking there is no way to make money through playing free poker, cause it has free in the name. In fact, the winners are paid in real money or rewards such as a tournament admission ticket or poker merchandise.

Free Online Poker is by far one of the easiest and best ways to build a bankroll from nothing and boost winning chances without putting any cash at stake. Find out our list of the top websites to play poker games for free right here. Also, you can check out the site for in-depth comprehensive reviews of these websites.

The “Free” option in these online poker tournaments is a great way to perfect your poker strategies without risking any money. There is a variety of free poker available in online casinos. As a new player, you might face difficulties in finding the right match. We are here to help! Our guide aims to cover many important aspects of freeroll poker while answering some common questions you might have.

Introduction To Poker Freeroll

Freerolls or free poker tournaments are indeed free. These are poker tournaments that require no entrance fee and in turn, comes with a prize pool of actual cash or an equivalent price. While participating in these games, a player doesn’t have to put any of his funds at stake. The freeroll participant is not responsible for their personal funds. Here the player is basically playing online poker for free in an effort to earn real cash money.

How do Free Poker Games Differ from Freerolls?

In short, yes, free poker is definitely different compared to freerolls. A free play platform allows you to play these games on a poker website or application on your computer or mobile. Zynga Poker is one of the most well-known poker games found online with the FreePlay option. If you are a Facebook user, you probably have seen your friends play this one.

Even though it’s very fun to play, there is no tangible cash to be earned. Throughout the game you earn chips. These chips are points for keeping score. You can buy or get more of these free chips as you keep playing. But let’s just say these chips aren’t worth as much as real money.

On the contrary, free online poker is operated by an online poker platform that utilizes real-money. Here, the majority of players compete against each other to win cash prizes. There are no buy-ins available for this form of free online poker. The best thing about these platforms is that you can play tournaments and even ring games for free.

Another great thing is that the reward offered in these freeroll tournaments are given through real money. Many well-known poker rooms that use real-money also have specialized mobile apps that you can download to get access to both free or competitive matches.

Why Do Gambling Sites Offer Free Poker?

Most online poker websites offer free poker as a means to bring in new players. This is also an opportunity for poker rooms to increase loyalty among the current players and boost their brand loyalty. In case you don’t want to play competitive poker, you can try out free-play games to practice or just to have fun.

Providing free “play money” cash games is also an excellent tool to become acquainted with the game. This helps them to be more at ease when they switch to playing poker with real money. Free poker tournaments are a fun way for an online poker website to award its players.

Majority of poker websites will offer a newly registered player a few freerolls passes to kickstart their bank balance upon starting their journey in the platform.  These casinos often throw in free tickets to tournaments also.

Many pro players began their careers by participating in online free poker matches. These players have won a couple of times, invested back in other tournaments, and before long, they were making a consistent income by playing poker.

How Can I Start Playing Free Poker Online?

It is a pretty straightforward process. You can easily sign up for any of the licensed and credible online poker spaces. A lion’s share of the poker websites offer frequent freerolls. You can get frequent rewards of freerolls as a newbie or after making deposits. The prizes may vary though.

Some sites also give freerolls in exchange for entering a contest through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Players can gain an advantage by inviting their friends, by sharing, or by liking posts made by the poker operator.

To participate in the poker tournaments, you have to register first.  Afterward, proceed to the Tournaments page on the website’s homepage. This section is available on both desktop and mobile devices. And after that, from the Buy-in selection, choose the Freeroll option. Now you will see all of the free online poker competitions scheduled for each day.

Variations of Free Poker Available Online

Since free online poker is an excellent starting point for new players, most of those poker variants are available on 888poker and PokerStars. These wide selections of poker games enable you to enjoy the best online poker games out there.

On 888poker, you can play the following poker games for free:

Cash GamesBounty tournamentsMulti-table TournamentsSit & Go’sFast-Fold Poker (Snap Poker)Free trials of the top-trending Sunday eventsJackpot Sit & Go’s

On PokerStars, you can find more free online poker games and different variations of huge free tournament schedules. There is a signature Sunday event as well, called the Sunday Billion. There are few other exciting tournaments such as:

Win the ButtonKnockout PokerShort Deck Hold’em3-HandedHeads UpZoom Poker (Fast-Fold Poker)Bubble RushSpin & Gos – Jackpot multiplier turbo SnGs

Play Free Poker Online!

Playing free poker games is an excellent strategy to accumulate a real-money bankroll from any prizes you earn. Playing here is completely free. You have a few basic tournament styles to choose from, and you can climb your way up the ranking for prizes while having fun! Free chips are awarded almost every day, along with an exciting 5,000-chip welcome bonus!

To claim your free bonus, you can make a small deposit of around $10 and participate in real-money games and tournaments. The competitive environment experienced during free play is quite fun. You are also gifted with very appealing rewards pretty often. If you’re new to online poker and want to try out free poker online, you have the option of playing for real money or for free. Appeak Poker is a good starting point.

You can find dedicated software for the freerolls to play on your computer. And if you don’t want to install a complete package of poker software on your desktop, you can always play on free online poker through your internet browser or in instant play mode. All of the major free poker sites allow you to play in-browser with no download needed.

The Top-Rated Free Online Poker Sites

You’ll find the list of the best-ranking free poker sites available at the top of the page. Since Online Casino Mag has become really coveted among the world’s largest poker guides, we can also bring freerolls and unique promotions you won’t find on other pages.

Make sure to do your own research to check out each platform, but we believe you’ll find some of the best promotions and freerolls in our recommended list. Check out our free poker platform reviews for further information about each site. We have also mentioned the timing of many exclusive freerolls. To check out our most recent bonus codes, click here!

Free Online Poker FAQs

Is Free Poker Really Free?                                       
Yes, but there might be some limitations to these games. Some freerolls remain  only open to players who have recently registered on the poker website. Sometimes these tournaments only open to those who have participated in required rounds of poker with real-money previously.

But there are many free online poker games online, you can qualify easily qualify for them by following them on social media or through affiliate links.   

You’ll often come across opportunities to participate in free poker tournaments. Just keep an eye out and conduct a  little research on social media for prominent poker websites or watch poker-related like 888poker, PokerStars and EPT Live on TV.

In fact, there are free money and free poker online games on the internet now, made to suit almost every form of a poker player.  Make sure to take a lookout to find where the best offers are. Many users who join our recommended poker rooms via Online Casino Mag are also qualified for exclusive freerolls. These are reserved exclusively for Online Casino Mag members.

These exclusive freerolls usually vary from $500 to as high as a whopping $25,000. For instance, since 2005, around $8 million in freerolls have been paid out by Online Casino Mag alone. Other online poker platforms are only available to players who have played a minimum amount with real-money last month.
How Can I Register to Play Free Poker Online?                 

This is a very simple and straightforward process.

Choose one from the highly-rated poker sites from the list above and follow the link to download and install the free app. You can also play from your browser. 
Fill in the sign-up form with all the necessary details to register as a new player.
Press ‘Play Money’ to find out what gaming choices are available to you.
Play free cash games, free Sit & Go’s, free tournaments, and more using your free chips!

Once you’ve made an account, you can enjoy these online poker games for free whenever you want. With a website like PokerStars, you’ll get 35,000c complimentary chips to begin with. It also gets renewed every four hours. 

You probably won’t ever fall short on chips, but even if you do, don’t worry. You can just visit the poker site’s online shop and purchase a bunch of chips.                   

How Can I Win Prizes by Playing Online Free Poker?                    

Rewards in free online poker can differ tremendously. There are low-stakes freerolls that only reward a few dollars here and there, but there are some poker freerolls in online gambling history that have won one million dollars in cash from the accumulated prize money.

PokerStars, in particular, once held four one million freerolls in a single year! You should expect a regular free poker jackpot to range between $500 and $2,000.

We’ve also seen the following prizes being given by free online poker games or tournaments include:

Complimentary travel to Las VegasFree World Series of Poker competition buy-insTravel to the Tropics on cruise ships is provided at no costProspects of meeting and playing with famous poker players

What Are Free Poker Passwords?

Often, you’ll be required to provide a password to play a free poker game on some websites. These are usually special freerolls for participants who have a certain number of match points. When a freeroll is open to all players, the password will be made available in the lobby before the beginning of the game.

In case you registered via an affiliate, you would receive a password in your account via email if you are eligible to play the tournament. Sometimes these special freerolls are given to users who sign up through an affiliated site. Examples include signing up via Online Casino Mag, etc.

Do I Need A Different Account to Play with Real Money? You do not need to create a new account if you decide to move from free online poker to real money online poker. When you made your account, you were given some free tickets to take part in  tournaments with real-money. Sometimes you will be given a cash bonus as well, which you can use to play any real-money games or tournaments.

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